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I just listened to The New Yorker article by Joshua Rothman, "Are You the Same Person You Used to Be?," and wanted to thank you for recommending it. (Online, it's available as an audio by Audm, so like the old guy I am, I could lie down with my eyes closed while "reading" it.)

At 71, I feel I'm exactly the person I've always been in terms of basic temperament. He asks if the reader remembers anything from being 4 years old, and frankly, I could remember only the day my br,other was born, and of that, all I could recall was pacing the floor waiting to hear from the hospital (my grandmothers and great-grandmother were with me) in the morning because from watching "I Love Lucy" and other sitcoms of 1955, I thought pacing was what you were supposed to do when women went into labor.

I've kept a detailed daily diary since I was 18, and while a lot in my life has changed over the years due to experiences, aging, the culture, my education and different careers and interests and changes in my feelings -- plus a total of a lot of psychotherapy at various points from age 15 to age 55 -- I read old diary entries and still feel exactly like myself.

The writer of the article seems to be only in his 40s or so, with a 4-year-old son. I'd love to hear from other people whether they are still the same people they used to be.

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From Rachel's essay in the Cut: “The wise man is he who knows there are no answers, only questions.” So wonderfully true. Thanks for sharing!

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My theory about bangs is that they make us look a bit younger. No evidence, just IMHO!

Re our lamentably missing, news anchor extraordinaire Lisa LaFlamme - we miss her terribly! Letting her hair go grey (pandemic!) was perhaps the reason for her being let go, we'll never know for sure. Happily, the male VP who made the decision was put on leave! Yay, hopefully permanent!

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When I first went grey it was always a special moment when I’d be given a senior discount at various stores without having asked for one. 😂 “Gee, this is less than I thought it was! Oh, wait...thanks, I guess...”

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Wow, thanks for the Black Girl's Guide to Surviving Menopause link. This is the third time this week that Jonathan Rothman article has been recommended to me and I loved Our Bodies, Ourselves when I was a girl! My grandmother got me a copy and I still have it - I'm looking forward to checking out the website. And finally, congrats on the 5 over 50 win!

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Thanks for including the air/light link, Sari!

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