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Thanks for the links, Sari!

If anyone has the misfortune of living in the hellhole designated as Arizona's 9th Congressional District and are represented by Mr. Paul Gosar, Republican, and you have not yet voted, although he doesn't have an opponent on the ballot, I am a registered write-in candidate in the race (one of two Democrats) and votes -- all seven or eight of them -- will be counted whereas write-ins for Mickey Mouse will not. I do not live in the district, this would be just a protest vote, and Arizona Democrats have a lot more to worry about that than this one member of Congress (two in the state, actually) runnning unopposed.

I apologize if this offends anyone or gives them a heart attack, but this is the extent of my campaigning today. Mostly I am busy planning my full-time move to my apartment in Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

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Thanks, Sari! Can't wait to meet you in person!

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I've had this sticker on my vehicles for several years now.


It's from the ACLU and I've been happy to engage in any discourse on that. Doesn't happen much (from the sticker) but I wonder if it makes people think.

I hope voters consider this when they cast their ballots. Seems like every level of government has an increasing number of extreme right-wing, Christian nationalists, and even more running for school boards, local and state governments and the US Congress now. Frightening times.

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I appreciate all that you do, Sari, especially the terrific writers you showcase on your site.

The encouragement to vote is so crucial, so thanks also for telling us to “vote as if our lives depend on it.” I don’t think it’s too extreme to say our democracy, including the free expression of views on all subjects, is hanging in the balance. Too many people take it for granted and don’t bother to vote. As the folks fighting, dying and just struggling to keep the lights on in Ukraine will tell you, there’s nothing more worth fighting for than democracy. I hope Americans don’t finally realize how precious ours is when we’re on the point of losing it.

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“Any semblance of democracy hangs in the balance.” Such hyperbole discourages me from returning to read this in the future.

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