Tell Me Your Chronological Age, and the Age you Are In Your Mind.

Age is a number. Or is it two?

How old are you chronologically? In your mind? What accounts for the discrepancy? Write back and tell me in the comments.

Here’s my deal:

A month from today I will turn 56. In my mind, though, I’m much younger. When I picture myself, in the first split-second, I am 10 or 11. Sometimes I’m 15, or 25 or 35.

I can think of a few reasons this is the case for me. For instance, at my 10th birthday party at a bowling alley, after I lodged one of many gutter balls, my uncle said to me, “Well, you’ll never be one digit again.” I burst into tears, because I was shocked to learn I’d hit a milestone—one from which there was no turning back.

What other irreversible milestones lay ahead? Well, a big one: the following summer, my parents split up, and in the process prematurely converted me into a mini-adult. That year—1975/1976—was the first time I felt a discrepancy between my chronological age and the age I felt and acted. It has led to a life-long fascination with the whole idea of age and maturity, and what they mean at different times in our lives.

Now I want to hear your deal. Tell me…

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