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Thoughts on getting older, at any phase of life.

Catherine Texier pushes back against society’s dated ideas about older women, claiming her place among those who are determined to remain vibrant and…
At 60, David Ulin reflects on his favorite way to connect with his 85-year-old Dad.
At 60, Ken Otterbourg takes stock of the subtle but meaningful career shift he embarked on a few years ago.
Abigail Thomas struggles to make sense of her affinity for spatchcocking chickens.
Rachel Kramer Bussel is starting off her new year by acknowledging strides she's made on various fronts.
Contrary to ageist tropes about sexuality in midlife, as she approaches 54, Abbe Aronson is having the best sex of her life—polyamorously.
At 53, Andrea Askowitz reckons with the effects of menopause on her athletic abilities, and struggles to keep up with her 12-year-old son.
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