Questionnaires and Interviews

Interviews with "oldsters" of all ages...

"I'm living my truth. I knew that truth about myself for all those years, but there were a few dozen reasons why I couldn't live it until now."
"I like to think about the past a lot, so I often feel like every age I've ever been, but mostly I feel like I'm turning 67 this summer."
"As a young person I couldn’t imagine the happiness that I have found in later life with my husband and my dog and my work."
"I dress like a ragamuffin, dance around, and make zines….and yet, I know I must seem impossibly old to friends in their 20s and 30s."
"Interestingly, I remember getting made fun of for being 'old' when I was 30, but not now. Either the world has changed or I’m simply radiating…
"For years, like well into my 30s, I used to think, 'Wasn’t I just 13? Why am I responsible for these children???'
"There is so much pressure and meaning our culture has created around the age 35—it’s when you’re told you’re not sexy anymore, and when you’re…
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