Questionnaires and Interviews

Interviews with "oldsters" of all ages...

"I'm living my truth. I knew that truth about myself for all those years, but there were a few dozen reasons why I couldn't live it until now."
"I’ve begun to become aware of myself as an elder and am slowly embracing all that goes with that: mentorship, responsibility, life experience I can…
"All the previous versions of me feel like they’re almost other people at this point."
"I once talked to my mother-in-law who was rounding 90 and I told her that I still feel young, like 18. And she said, 'Yeah, me too. I feel like 80!'”
"I have vivid images of my immigrant grandparents when they were my age. They were old, really old. "
"I am surprised at how little I have really changed since I was 25, and I have the journals to prove it."
"I've been learning Yiddish as a way of connecting with my ancestors, and that's felt really meaningful."
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